Australia's Leading Suppliers of fire and emergency equipment
Australia's Leading Suppliers of fire and emergency equipment
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Australia's Leading Suppliers of fire and emergency equipment

Welcome to firelogistics.

firelogistics is one of Australia’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of fire and emergency equipment, currently supplying most of Australia’s Fire and Rescue Services.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing fire fighting equipment and rescue gear of the highest quality through the firelogistics brand to support emergency workers everywhere.

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Effective, Reliable and Safe-To-Use

firelogistics is the fire fighting and public safety equipment division of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd. The brand was set up as a means to develop, manufacture and supply high performance fire fighting equipment and rescue gear, as well as distribute the most effective, reliable and safe to use fire equipment from around the world.

firelogistics products are in service in many fire fighting and emergency services agencies around Australia and also internationally. RAPP Australia holds current and ongoing contracts with many government departments and private clients for the provision, repair and product development of many fire fighting equipment products and rescue gear.

firelogistics is committed to the continued support of fire, police, medical and emergency services staff through sourcing, designing, manufacturing and distributing the highest quality fire fighting equipment and rescue gear possible.

Fire Equipment Product Development

firelogistics designs and manufactures a range of fire fighting equipment and rescue gear for use in the most dangerous of emergency situations. firelogistics despatches representatives to find the most modern, effective and appropriate materials from around the world to construct its fire equipment products. Organisations and government departments also come to firelogistics for specific product solutions and assistance in improving the effectiveness of existing fire fighting equipment and rescue gear.

An example of some firelogistics products presently in service around Australia include:

Quality Policy

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd and its different divisions and brands are committed to meeting the highest standards in the manufacture of firelogistics products. RAPP Australia products conform to the relevant Australian Standards where applicable. An ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate is held to maintain this standing.

Working With firelogistics

There is always room for improvement in any emergency service equipment, and we encourage any organisation, government department or emergency services body to contact us to work toward better products to support the hard work of emergency service officers. firelogistics looks for and develops unique and innovative products that will be effective, reliable and safe-to-use, not just an impressive gadget.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has worked with several government and commercial bodies through the firelogistics brand and has enjoyed continued evolution in the functionality and provision of its fire fighting equipment and rescue gear.

If your company has a unique product that you would like us to sell, promote or assist in developing further, please contact us here.

Servicing and Repairs

RAPP Australia provides servicing and repairs for many products developed and distributed under the firelogistics brand. Technicians are able to conduct on-site repairs or field back-to-base servicing depending on the product. For more information, read our Servicing and Repairs.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd also employs a network of service agents around Australia that can provide speedier service if returning to our facility in Lara, near Melbourne, is not a viable option. Any products that need to be in the field can be dispatched at any time by the most expedient means if necessary. Contact our Sales Representative for more details, including pricing information.

A Large Catalogue of Fire Fighting Equipment and Rescue Gear which includes:

If you would like to know more about the firelogistics brand, or about RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, please contact us online or call our head office in Lara, just outside of Melbourne, on 03 5284 0925.

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