firelogistics is a division of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, a leading Australian fire and medical emergency products designer, manufacturer and distributor based in Lara just outside of Melbourne, Victoria. With a long history of creating products that embody the antithesis of effectiveness, reliability and safety of use, RAPP Australia’s firelogistics products are relied upon in even the most extreme of emergency situations around Australia and internationally.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is committed to developing, manufacturing and distributing fire fighting equipment and rescue gear of the highest quality through the firelogistics brand to support emergency workers everywhere. firelogistics products meet stringent Australian Standards, underpinned by a Quality Management System policy ISO 9001:2015.

A Brand Born From Tragedy

On 2 December 1998, five fire fighters were trapped and killed while undertaking a parallel attack on the Linton fire near Geelong, Victoria. All were volunteer members of the Geelong West Country Fire Authority brigade and were working in close proximity to the Lara CFA brigade. The victims were well known to the members of the Lara CFA brigade and this was a terrible tragedy.

It was then the Lara-based company, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd added fire material and prevention products to their range. It also prompted the development and manufacture of the Fire Weather Kit, has continued to be improved and upgrade as it is depended upon by many emergency services professionals and volunteers, throughout Australia and around the world.

Thus the firelogistics brand was born to design, manufacture and distribute high performance fire fighting equipment and rescue gear to assist fire fighters to complete their tasks successfully and ensure more importantly, their safe return.

Volunteering and Fundraising

As a division of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, firelogistics‘ staff volunteer with the Country Fire Authority and support the Leukaemia Foundation.

firelogistics’ volunteers include production staff, sales and even the Managing Director. The company sponsors workers and friends to join in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Head Shave. For more information about this annual event, visit the Foundation’s website.

Committed to Sustainability

Country Fire Authority:

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has been committed to sustainability since well before it was in the public conscious as a responsibility for business. This commitment was recognised with a Sustainability Certification in 2008.

To find out more about the firelogistics brand or RAPP Australia Pty Ltd, please call our head office on 03 5284 0901 or contact us online here.