International Users

Please note to purchase our products through this website is for Australia deliveries only and if you are located overseas and would like to purchase our products please select the “Request a Quote” option.


Shipping Address

Please ensure that the shipping address you enter is correct. For some products such as larger items, delivery to a PO Box is not possible. If unsure, please contact our sales members on or by phone on (03) 5284 0222 before purchasing the good(s).

For more information on Shipping your good(s) please refer to our Shipping Policy.


Invoicing Customer

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to invoice the customer and receive payment for the good(s) even though delivery has not occurred through the customer’s failure to take delivery of the good(s) ordered.

If the customer fails to pay for the good(s) ordered then RAPP Australia Pty Ltd may sue the customer for the price as a debt immediately due and owing to RAPP Australia Pty Ltd by the customer even though delivery has been suspended because of the customer’s failure to pay the price when due.


Additional Delivery Fees

There may be an increase in the delivery fee payable by you in relation to an order that you have already paid for if:

  • Your order is split and requires multiple deliveries due to:
    • The quantity or size of the good(s) in your order being large such that RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will be required to package good(s) separately; or
    • Your order attracting a Standard and Special Delivery Fee; or
  • If your order requires to be urgent or
  • Delivery of your order otherwise incurs additional charges.

A RAPP Australia member will contact you if any additional delivery fees will be required. If you do not want to pay this extra fee, your online order will be fully refunded. For details on an order being refunded, please check our Refund Policy.


Special Delivery

Special Delivery means good(s) that require special delivery such as spineboards and big and bulky items such as large orders.


Delivery by Instalments / Split Delivery

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd reserves the right to deliver the good(s) in whole or in instalments, as well as to deliver prior to the date for delivery and, in such event, the customer must not refuse to take delivery of the good(s).

We cannot guarantee that orders that are split will be delivered on the same day.

Any failure on the part of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd to deliver instalments within any specified time does not entitle you to you to terminate any agreement with us.


Authority to Leave

If you select the ‘Authority to leave’ option while checking out, the courier will leave your order on your doorstep even if no one is around to receive it.

Please note in this case, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged deliveries after they have been dropped off.


Delivery Information & Services

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will deliver the good(s) safely and securely packed.

Any delivery dates or periods stated, quoted or agreed by us shall be approximate or estimates only and shall only run from receipt by us of a written order complete with all information necessary to enable us to perform. We shall not be liable for any consequences of any delays.

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd uses couriers to deliver your good(s). Good(s) will be delivered to you by a courier of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd’s choosing, unless clearly stated otherwise by you, during the purchasing process (this may occur additional costs). If we arrange freight to you, you must pay our charges on account of freight, unless otherwise agreed.

You agree to your details including your delivery (shipping) address and phone number to be supplied to the couriers for the purpose of delivering your good(s).

Unless otherwise stated, orders will be delivered during normal business hours between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is not responsible for delivery times.

If good(s) are sent using Registered Post or a Courier service they will only be sent to addresses where the purchaser can sign for delivery. It is a good idea to enter a delivery address at which someone will be present to accept the good(s) at this time; for example your workplace.

On delivery, the courier may require you or your nominated representative to provide them with proof of identity, such as photo identification or proof of age. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd may not make delivery of the good(s) if the person receiving the goods is unable or unwilling to provide satisfactory evidence of proof of identity or age.

You or your nominated representative may be also required to sign a delivery manifest to confirm that the delivery has taken place. If you refuse to sign the delivery document, this will be taken as a refusal to accept the delivery. Where redelivery is required because of refusal to accept delivery, you will be required to pay any associated fees for redelivery.


Redelivery, Missed Delivery or Refusal of Good(s)

Where delivery cannot take place due to insufficient identification, or if there is no one available at the delivery address to accept delivery, or there is limited access to the delivery address or it is unsafe or impractical to make delivery, a calling card will be left in your letterbox informing you about the incomplete delivery and where to pick your parcels up from a local office. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions stated on the calling card.

Parcels will usually be available for pick up at your local office for 7-10 days unless you are informed otherwise (days may variety due to your local office storage constraints).

Where you do not collect your good(s) from the local office within 7-10 days of a failed delivery, you must call RAPP Australia Pty Ltd on (03) 5284 0222 or contact us via email at for further information with respect to claiming your order.

If good(s) are required to be redelivered, because access issues, refusal to sign, or limitations for making delivery, you may be required to pay any associated fees for redelivery. Any returns due to you changing your mind about your purchase will also attract associated fees including a redelivery, restocking and or administration fee(s).


Time of Delivery and Delivery Delays

RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will take all reasonable commercial endeavours to ensure that the good(s) ordered are delivered on the agreed date for delivery set out in the order.

Where there is a schedule of times for delivery referred to in the order then RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will take all reasonable commercial endeavours to ensure that the good(s) are delivered on the agreed scheduled dates for delivery.

If RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is unable to deliver the good(s) to the customer by the date or dates of delivery set out in the order, then RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will promptly notify the customer to that effect with estimate of the revised time for the delivery of the good(s) ordered.

Provided RAPP Australia Pty Ltd has used all reasonable commercial endeavours to deliver the good(s) to the customer in accordance with the date or dates for delivery in the order, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will not be liable to the customer for any delay in delivery of the good(s) or any part thereof.

From time to time, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd may not be able to achieve the delivery periods. You acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding anything else in the terms and conditions:

  • RAPP Australia Pty Ltd cannot guarantee that delivery will occur in the delivery time frames;
  • Delivery time frames may change from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances; and
  • RAPP Australia Pty Ltd is not liable with respect to any loss, damage, cost, expense or injury you or any third party suffers as a result of a change in delivery times or a delay in delivery.


Supplier Delays

The customer acknowledges that RAPP Australia Pty Ltd maybe dependent upon various supplies of materials and components from third parties in order to be able to deliver the good(s) to the customer by the agreed date or dates for delivery.

Any delay in the manufacture of the good(s) ordered caused by any shortage or unavailability of material or components may give rise to a delay in delivery and the customer acknowledges and agrees that in such circumstance RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will not thereby be in breach of its delivery obligations.


Delays Due to Public Holidays and Special Events

During special events (example: Christmas or End of Financial Year), orders may experience delivery delays. RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will contact you if there will be significant delivery delay.


Out of Stock Goods / Availability of Goods

You acknowledge and agree that from time to time, some good(s) on the website may be out of stock or unavailable and we may not be able to fulfil all or part of your order(s).

If this occurs, RAPP Australia Pty Ltd will use reasonable endeavours to either source the good(s), or contact you within ten (10) Business Days to either arrange a full or partial refund, or change your order(s) to replace the good(s) with a comparable product in a similar price range (where available) as agreed with you, or come to an alternative arrangement. For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.


Delivery Risk and Insurance

The good(s) are entirely at the risk of the customer from the moment of delivery to the customer’s point of delivery or on collection, even though title in the good(s) has not passed to the customer at that time.

The customer must, at its own expense, maintain the good(s) and insure them for the benefit of RAPP Australia Pty Ltd against theft, breakdown, fire, water and other risks as from the moment of delivery to the customer and until title in the good(s) has passed to the customer.


Accepting your Good(s)

Upon delivery, you must inspect and test your good(s) and check that the good(s) delivered match your order. If there is obvious damage to the good(s) due to transit, you must contact us as soon as practicable on 03 5284 0222 or email us at

If the good(s) are not as ordered, faulty/damaged, or if parts of good(s) are missing, you may return the good(s) to us in accordance with our Returns Policy.

We reserve the right to change, delay, restrict, suspend or discontinue all or any good(s) and delivery at any time without prior notice for any reason whatsoever.


Missing Good(s)

If good(s) are missing from your order, call RAPP Australia Pty Ltd on 03 5284 0222 or email us at and return the order in accordance with the Returns Policy. You must let us know about any damaged, missing and incorrect good(s) as soon as possible and within 30 days.


Good(s) Damaged in Transfer

If the good(s) you have received are faulty or have been damaged in transfer, please inform RAPP Australia Pty Ltd immediately by calling us on 03 5284 0222 or email us at and provide pictures if possible.

Subject to our acceptance of the existence of any fault in relation to any item, we will credit your method of payment, including shipping costs for delivery, restocking fee and, if applicable, return of the faulty item. Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy for more information.


Assembly of Good(s)

Some big and bulky good(s) may require assembly. The delivery representatives are not required to unpack, assemble or construct items as part of the delivery service. Assembly of the good(s) is at your expense.