firelogistics has designed and manufactured fire fighting and safety equipment and rescue gear that has become an industry standard, and is used by fire, ambulance and emergency services worldwide. Having effective, reliable and safe to use equipment is the paramount objective for firelogistics, whether it is a product designed and manufactured or distributed by firelogistics.

Examples of Products Designed and Manufactured by firelogistics:

firelogistics also sources the best performing fire hosehose couplingsdrip torches, and other fire fighting equipment and rescue gear from around the world.

Research and Development

firelogistics is a brand that believes in always being abreast of the latest technology, materials and techniques to ensure our products, and those we distribute, are top of the line in effectiveness, reliability and safety of use.

We send representatives to trade shows and facilities around the world to source the best materials for current or future products. Our team is comprised of dedicated Designers, CAD Operators, Subject Matter Experts and Industrial Engineers who are constantly challenging themselves to develop new products.

Products of the Highest Standards

All products designed and manufactured by firelogistics meet relevant Australian Standards and Laws where applicable. Products from other manufacturers distributed by firelogistics and RAPP Australia Pty Ltd are all tested by the manufacturer and meet Quality Standards in adherence with Australian Regulations. Read about our Quality Policy here.

For any more information about RAPP Australia or the range of firelogistics fire equipment and rescue gear, please contact us online or call our head office on 03 5284 0901.