BOSS Spray Pack

Backcare BOSS Spray Pack Set

The firelogistics BackCare BOSS (Blacking Out Single Skin) is the world’s first ergonomically designed back-carried firefighters’ Spray Pack. Created specifically to reduce the fatigue factors indicated in the most modern research as well as to improve operational effectiveness by providing greater capacity and rapid fill and re-fill actions.

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BOSS Spray Pack


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Back care BOSS’s Key Features:
– Reduces Fatigue
– Provides Total Comfort
– EZI Fill Rapid Turnaround
– Interference-free Pumping
– Kidney Chill Protection
– Designed especially for Firefighters Health and Safety and
– Improved Operational Effectiveness

The key fatigue factor addressed is the positioning of the load high between the shoulders, with reducing effect as the load is lightened by consumption. The unique pack structure ensures that when full 74% of the weight is positioned in the research recommended position to achieve a halving of the fatigue factors of existing packs. This allows the additional capacity to be carried without increasing fatigue.

Total comfort is ensured by the single flexible skin structure which when loaded moulds to every individual contour just like a water bed. This also provides a body- cooling effect as the water absorbs the heat generated by operational exertion.

The EZI Fill rapid operational loading is created by providing two handles which ensure the large filling inlet is held horizontally for the filling operation.

BackCare BOSS also improves operational effectiveness through its pump action removing the hindrance and minor injuries incurred by arms colliding with the pack.

While the single skin structure provides a cooling effect, insulation is provided in the region of the kidneys to prevent any possibility of an excessive loss of body heat causing a chill to occur.


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