Recoil Bags

Also known as BVMs (Bag Valve Masks), firelogistics provides a range of light weight portable Recoil Bags which can be operated with or without supplemental oxygen, allowing oxygen delivery concentrations from 21% on air, up to 100% with oxygen. Recoil bags are available in 3 sizes depending on the brand – Adult (35 kg and above), child (7 – 35 kg), and infant (up to 7 kg).

Recoil bags are either the less expensive disposable type, or the re-useable bags.
• Disposable Recoil Bags are designed for single use only and are especially useful for those who do not have proper cleaning facilities (autoclave) available to them.
• Re-Usable Recoil Bags are made of a very durable material that can be autoclaved and used multiple time.

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