Water Thief

Water Thief

If dragging a 38mm or even a 25mm hose through the bush while doing blacking out is not your idea of fun, consider this concept. Run 38mm main supply up along the control line/Burnt Edge. Insert Water Thieves at the hose couplings. Then…

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Water Thief


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Water Theif

Run 19mm lay flat hose laterals back into the burnt ground for blacking out. Not only are they lighter and just Sooo easy to use, they also conserve water and reduce the amount of refills/draughting etc. They reduce the amount of risk from strain and trips and your crews get much less fatigued.

They will handle small localised flare ups. They can be supplied with Forestry Quick Connect Couplings, Stortz, just about any other type of quick connect.


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