firelogistics Sling Psychrometer (Black)

firelogistics Sling Psychrometer

The uniquely compact firelogistics Sling Psychrometer accurately determines percent relative humidity without the necessity of consulting complex tables. There is no need to wet the wick each time a reading is taken; the firelogistics Sling Psychrometer contains a slide rule calculator which correlates wet and dry bulb thermometer indications for direct reading of relative humidity. When not in use, the thermometer case telescopes into the handle for protection.

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firelogistics Sling Psychrometer (Black)

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firelogistics Sling Psychrometer

– Designed for portability (19.1 cm long x 2.5cm diameter)
– Slide rule construction quickly converts temperature to relative humidity
– Built-in water reservoir holds sufficient water for several hours of testing
– Thin bulb design gives fast thermal response
– Thermometers constructed of shock-resistant glass; stems have deep-etched numerals and 1° scale divisions for easy reading
– Thermometers measure in Celsius.
– Thermometers are filled with red spirit and do not contain mercury.
– Very accurate and does not need recalibration.

– Measurement of current Atmospheric Relative Humidity. Essential tool in forecasting wildfire behavior.
– Measurement of conditions in mines, work places and air conditioned environments e.g.: hospital operating rooms, storage areas and laboratories.
– Tests in industrial atmospheres where high or low humidity may be critical in manufacturing processes.
– School athletics – to determine safe conditions for practice or playing of sport.


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