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Oxygen (O2) Regulators

Oxygen Regulators (also called pressure reducers) are designed to reduce the high pressure of an oxygen cylinder to a low pressure. This can be used safely for delivering a flow of oxygen to a patient either directly via an oxygen therapy face mask, bag-valve-mask, closed circuit/re-breather system, or in conjunction with a secondary pressure reduction system such as, demand valve, BVM refill valve or a ventilator etc.

There are two types of regulators:

There are generally two "families" of pressure reduction regulators, diaphragm or piston types. Whilst diaphragm regulators are very accurate, they tend to be big and heavy and require more care, on the other hand, piston regulators are smaller and more durable, but intrinsically they are less accurate – that was before the Allied Laser Spectrum Regulator.

There is now only one type of medical oxygen cylinder valve used in Australia, it is called a Pin Indexed, which matches an ISO standard. The old screw on type, or bull nose has been phased out over the years (2010 – 2011).

The LSR regulator is available with one or two Australian Standard Diameter Indexed Self Seal high pressure (400kPa) outlets or if you prefer- no high pressure outlets at all. Plus we can supply it with CGA DISS fittings (USA Type) if you need them. Tell us what you want and we will configure the regulator to meet your needs.

Every time you use one of our LSR regulators you can be assured that it was thoroughly tested before it left our premises by our accredited and fully calibrated workshop. All of our LSR regulators have a unique etched barcode which we allocate to the buyer, so if at any time in the future you want to have it serviced we can look up its history, an excellent Quality Assurance and liability advantage.

If you ever need your regulator to be checked or repaired you can either send it to us, or use one of our company trained third party technicians and accredit workshops so you can be confident you investment will last for years. 

The LSR has a very low cost of ownership.  It is so simple to service that a technician can fully strip down the pressure regulator and remove the flow controller from a LSR regulator in less than 5 minutes.  This leads to low service costs and easy maintenance. It is an ideal regulator for a contract service company due its extremely low running costs.

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