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We would also like to take a moment to remind you why NEANN products are effective, reliable and safe to use.

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In appreciation for being a NEANN customer, we would like to show you our upcoming HUGE savings, offering you 25% Special Discount for a limited time only, now until December 23rd* on these selected products:

  • BVM Disposable Adult with Pop Off Valve
  • Clear Collars Adjustable Adult
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
  • Yankauer Suction Instrument with Clear Vent

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Win FREE Gold Class Movie Tickets
We’re giving 3 customers the chance to Win 2 x Adult Gold Class Movie Tickets to Village Cinemas each, by assisting us reach our goal of 500 Facebook likes.

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Our NEW EnvironFrei Material – Demand IT!

RAPP Australia’s newly developed revolutionary material, EnvironFrei further reduces any chance of cross-contamination.

EnvironFrei was developed by us to be an environmentally friendly textile, it’s free from harmful chemicals and is biodegradable. This material is easy to clean and remove harmful bacteria as well as other organisms, plus it also looks great!

Introducing the NEW air-Q sp/Blocker

  • The Only Self-Pressurizing Mask Cuff with Blocker
  • Supraglottic Airways
  • Prevent Overinflation

The air-Q® sp / Blocker is a new design incorporating a self-pressurizing mask with a soft, flexible guide tube allowing access to the posterior pharynx and upper esophagus.

The Everyday Disposable “Rescue” Airway designed to facilitate intubation and manage the upper esophagus.

With the new SELF-PRESSURIZING Disposable air-q sp/Blocker there is no need to inflate the mask; it self-pressurizes to the proper inflation pressure automatically during Positive Pressure Ventilation.

  • Simple
  • Self-Pressurizing


New to NEANN the AG Cuffill – Cuff Inflator with Integrated Manometer

  • Measuring pressure and inflating the airway cuff
  • Simple and easy operation
  • Re-usable – up to 100 uses
  • Accurate, accessible and safe

The AG Cuffill is designed to enhance patient safety by minimizing the potential human error while measuring and inflating airway cuffs, as well as diminishing the risk of cross-contamination, when used for a single patient.

This pocket-size, syringe-like design allows a simple and easy operation and is used by medical professionals, including first-responders and hospital staff, and individuals in the home care environment.

For more information about this product click here.

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