NEANN VIM (Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress) 6 Ft

– Red Outside, Blue Inside
– Including Pump and Carry Bag

The new NEANN VIM (Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress) is the most advanced vacuum mattress on the market today and has been designed to meet the latest in spinal immobilisation requirements. It’s unique shape is the only vacuum mattress on the market that allows access to the patients arms.

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NEANN VIM (Vacuum Immobilisation Mattress) 6 Ft


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The external cover of the VIM is made of a heavy duty, specialised and uniquely manufactured pure reinforced double coated Silik Elastomer™. This material provides a significant improvement over PVC, the standard material used by other Vacuum Mattresses.

Improvements of Silik Elastomer™ include:
– 10-15 times more expansive,
– Significantly improved abrasion, puncture and tear resistance and
– 100% airtight in comparison to the slow leaking PVC materials.

The internal beads are of a newly developed material, offering significant improvements over the standard Styrofoam used in other Vacuum Mattresses including:
– Higher density material preventing collapsing of beads and
– Significantly improved X-ray translucency.

The new patented inner lining system provides a 21 multi-chamber configuration preventing the beads from moving around and clumping in comparison to other Vacuum Mattresses on the market.

Please Note: Minor variations to the VIM displayed can occur to design due to improvement updates.

Before use, persons using the NEANN VIM must undertake a proper training program.


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