Laerdal Little Anne Resuscitation Manikins

The Little Anne is the ideal Adult CPR resuscitation manikin that offers all the essential training features. Options available range from light to dark skin as well as a single and 4 pack manikin.

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Laerdal Little Anne Resuscitation Manikins

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Little Anne Resuscitation Manikins

Light & Dark Skin, Single & 4 Pack

Little Anne is a realistic, inexpensive, lightweight, adult CPR training manikin that offers all the essential training features. Designed with the user and instructor in mind.


  • Airway obstruction and chest rise for realistic training.,
  • Airway can be opened using Head Tilt/Chin Lift or Jaw Thrust techniques,
  • Economical, disposable airways (1 per class),
  • Removable, reusable faces,
  • Combination carry case and training mat allows for convenient transportation and storage,
  • A “clicker” confirms correct compression depth,
  • Compression spring for consistent resistance and
  • Integrated chest plate and stomach band for extra durability.

Options Available (please select from the drop down menu options provided):

  • Single Light Skin,
  • Single Dark Skin,
  • 4 Pack Light Skin and
  • 4 Pack Dark Skin.

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