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Medical Kits

Why buy from us? NEANN is Australia's largest manufacture and leading designer of Emergency Medical Kits suppling soft packs to 90% of Australia's Ambulance Services.

Our Medical Kits are manufacture from the most modern, state of the art material. Historically, our kits have been manufactured from Vironfrei material. Our kits have evolved through research and development of late to be produced using our new material called EnvironFrei. EnvironFrei has been independently tested, confirming its superiority to common place materials ensuring a stronger, longer lasting and more durable product.

Here at NEANN we understand the importance of cross-contamination and infectious control issues in the workforce. EnvironFrei directly combats this every increasing issue. Innovation in this area is constantly being achieved to deliver suitable results to our customers needs. A recent example of this would be our a-Vector handles which are designed to eliminate the effects of cross-contamination on our Medical Kits at the highest area of risk.

Our products are designed so that everything has a place and everything is in its place –there are no need to search and select issues with NEANN products. Assisting with the designs, layout guides and access panels, are supplied with most NEANN products to assist the user with one of the most important issues, saving time.

What are YOU looking for in your bag? Do you need more out of your bag? Do you know that NEANN can help you customise a bag to any budget that will suit your business? With years of design experience, NEANN can deliver a product to suit your needs, in addition we can alter any of the bags from our range below.

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