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Hoses Or Fire Hose & Accessories

Fire Hose

firelogistics Intrabraid is a world leading hose that is famous for its quality and durability.

Unlike traditional fire hose Intrabraid's lining is extruded and melded (combo weld and melt) right into the braided jacket as the jacket is being made. This gives a smoother, more flexible, greater heat resistant hose that is far less prone to blistering and delamination than any other fire hose. It also withstands higher pressure and has a longer working life.

It is made in Canada by Mercedes Textiles a world leader in hose construction technology.

Tech Talk
Percolating Hose: Is a hose which has an extruded core with small "punctured" bleed holes in it. This is done so the hose remains wet for use on hot ground, particularly in Wildfire situations.
Hydrowick: Our premium percolating hose utilises a patented wicking system to draw water to the outside of the hose. This not only ensures an even wetting as there are no holes to block, it produces much less turbulence, it also "wets" the hose a lot more evenly, no matter how far from the pump the hose is.
Non-Percolating Hose: is a cotton or polyester hose that does not have holes in it. When people talk about canvas hose this is normally the one they are referring to. It is low cost by comparison to all others.
Double Jacket Hose: is constructed with the standard inner core wrapped in a braid, then jacketed with an outer fully synthetic wrap. This hose requires less cleaning and is less effected by abrasion, however, it is heavy and prone to heat damage if left on hot ground. It is a great structural/industrial fire fighting hose, transfer/relay hose.

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