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Drip Torch / Firelighter

Drip Torch (Firebug)

Drip Torch (also known as a "Firebug" Fire Lighter) is an excellent tool for burning out and fire line ignition. Runs on a mix of 25% Petrol (Gasoline) and 75% Diesel.

Firebug Drip Torch - A lightweight aluminium bodied drip torch featuring gravitational feed to drip fire making it simple and quick to use in applications such as burning firebreaks or burning cane.

Capacities Available: 4 Litre with fixed wand and 5 Litre with retractable wand Backfiring equipment should be used by trained, experienced personnel only. Precautions should be taken to prevent danger to yourself and others. A means of escape should always be located before setting fires where rapid spread may prove hazardous to yourself or others. All petroleum products should be handled with the same precautions as when working with fuel. Keep torch in good working condition, make sure all connections are tight, conduct regular inspection and replace any damaged parts with OEM parts only.

Firelogistics supply two different types of Firebug Drip Torches. These are:

Fixed Wand Fire Drip Torch - 4L
"Firebug" Fixed Wand Fire lighter. An excellent tool for burning out and fire line ignition. 4 Litre Capacity.

Retractable Wand Drip Torch - 5L
"Firebug" Retractable Wand Fire lighter. Designed for easier storage and has a larger tank than the fix 4L wand version. 5 Litre Capacity.

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